Moving In (or, Mess)

Yesterday Pierrick and I went to the locker to get almost all of the belongings we were planning on bringing onto the boat. We only have our books (4 boxes to the 2 of us) and about 1 suitcase each left to fit onboard. Our brother-in-law lent us his car so we could transport our boxes as the Alfa Romeo does not take well to heavy loads.

After hauling all the boxes on the boat, we went to purchase plastic and wooden boxes/containers in which we can properly fit everything. Needless to say, it was a mess, as you can see from the photos! We’ve tidied up, but we still have some storing to do.


This will be our storage cabin. It’s a work in progress.


Our living space, yesterday. Messy.

P_20160517_140742 P_20160517_140728

The deck. Overflow.

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