Decorating a Boat

Boats tend to be second homes, like a cabin or trailer. They are usually furnished with whatever’ll do. Most tableware you’ll find on boats is plastic to avoid breakage. This was very much the case with our boat. We bought it used and it came furnished, sort to speak. This was fine so long as the boat was our second home, but now that it’s our only home, we decided that the plastic plates had served their time. We brought in some of our first-home-ware, such as mugs, cups, cutlery, and baking dishes. Some other things we bought new, like dishes and bathroom decor.

One aspect about living on a boat that bothers both of us a bit is our inability to bring along paintings and sculptures. We are both sensitive to art and over the years we have amassed a small collection of pieces that we find beautiful. These are now either with friends and family or stored in the locker. Still, we want our home to be as beautiful and feel as much like home as possible. Below are some of the elements that we added to our space to help do so.


Pierrick could not live with no art, so he went ahead and purchased this statue from a local artist, Marie Cabot. She is a friend of my in-laws. We went to her vernissage 2 weeks ago and now Soleil, as the statue is named, will be sailing along with us.
Around her is a sun dial I gave Pierrick many years ago that will finally serve its purpose, and travel souvenirs from his daughters.

Russian Submarine Clock


This authentic Russian submarine dial clock was a wedding present from our friends Bernard and Véronique. I am very happy to have it onboard as I like it and a non-digital method to keep time is a good idea, I think.

Antique Dutch Salt & Pepper Shakers


These belonged to my Oma so I figure they’re antiques….. They are the only souvenir of her that I have with me on the boat. And they’re practical.

Balinese Throw


I picked up this throw and two little foot carpets when I was in Bali a few months ago with my friend Stacey. I knew the colors would match and brighten up the living space on our boat!

Toilet Decorations



We got some fake stainless steel soap dispensers and toilet brush holders, wicker baskets and some other color-coordinated things to make our toilets look a little nicer.
The white rectangle above the cabinet is a clothes-line. You pull it out and attach it to the opposing wall; 5 cords stretch between the 2. This way we don’t need to depend on the sun and warm weather to dry clothes on the boat.

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