Sotogrande – 2-8 October 2016

We went to Sotogrande as it is the closest Spanish port to Gibraltar that has a crane that can lift our boat out of water, which we needed to do to repair the damage caused at Benalmadena. We thought we might stay on the boat during the repairs, but after a night decided to take

What’s that noise?

Boats are noisy. Still, some noises are normal and others are less so. Case in point, the hissing sound coming from starboard yesterday evening was not normal. So you do as one always does in such a situation: you raise the floor boards to see if your hull is filling up with water. Luckily, our

Water & Plumbing on a Boat

My last post incited several technical questions, mainly from my mom. Her first question was, how do we get water on the boat? This is how…. Plumbing Livable boats come equipped with plumbing. At a minimum, for fresh drinking water. In our boat, the plumbing services the kitchen sink, the sinks/showers in the toilets and

Changes to Slowmotion

Our objective during our 3 months’ stay in the south of France is to do “work” on the boat. I realize many people don’t quite understand what type of work we were planning on doing, so I decided to write a post with a few of the changes we have done to Slowmotion. When I