After the Flood

It’s been raining. It’s been hot. The sun beats down on this earth as early as 9 or 10 am. In the mornings, there is no wind to ease the heat of the sun. The hot dampness of the air presses down on us. I usually spend the morning hours working or writing in the

Dominican Republic

We’ve been in the Dominican Republic for a little over a month. Our original plan was to stay here 2 weeks and then move on to visit the Bahamas, but plans change. Just like our month in the Canary Islands. Our month in Cape Verde. Our month in Martinique. Things happen and we end up

Barbados, 23-29 January 2017

“Your boat is adrift! It’s in the middle of the bay! It’s adrift!” I had just bought Pierrick an ice cream and was trying to put the change back into my wallet. Zeyno frantically spoke through my mobile that I was squeezing between my shoulder and my ear. “Dominique is on your boat. He hung

Atlantic Crossing – Night 18

13°01’539 N 59°05’411 W 5:39 UTC We are near our destination. We can’t see land because it’s nighttime, but we can see the hallow of light spread over land that indicates human life. Human cities. Electricity. We can also see the glare of the lighthouse that’s on the island’s Eastern front. By sunrise, we should

Atlantic Crossing – Day 17

13°05’101 N 56°22’653 W It’s 4 PM our time. We’re not too sure what time zone we’re in, but yesterday we decided to advance our watches by an hour. Pierrick, Clément and I were sitting around the cockpit table and figured it was time to change time. There was nothing scientific or astrological about it.