Living by Water – for Wendy

A few years ago, before leaving Canada for London, a took a week’s break in a little wood cabin off the Gatineau River. The cabin belonged to friends of my aunt and uncle, and neighbored my family’s home. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time with my aunt and uncle that week, just

What’s that noise?

Boats are noisy. Still, some noises are normal and others are less so. Case in point, the hissing sound coming from starboard yesterday evening was not normal. So you do as one always does in such a situation: you raise the floor boards to see if your hull is filling up with water. Luckily, our

Water & Plumbing on a Boat

My last post incited several technical questions, mainly from my mom. Her first question was, how do we get water on the boat? This is how…. Plumbing Livable boats come equipped with plumbing. At a minimum, for fresh drinking water. In our boat, the plumbing services the kitchen sink, the sinks/showers in the toilets and

Decorating a Boat

Boats tend to be second homes, like a cabin or trailer. They are usually furnished with whatever’ll do. Most tableware you’ll find on boats is plastic to avoid breakage. This was very much the case with our boat. We bought it used and it came furnished, sort to speak. This was fine so long as the

Moving In (or, Mess)

Yesterday Pierrick and I went to the locker to get almost all of the belongings we were planning on bringing onto the boat. We only have our books (4 boxes to the 2 of us) and about 1 suitcase each left to fit onboard. Our brother-in-law lent us his car so we could transport our

Wind & Yoga on the Boat

Our boat is docked at the very end of a dock at the point of which there are seasonal businesses, one for jet skiing and for diving. Both have a small wooden structure with a straight, wooden platform or two. When I first saw these I became very excited because I figured I could do

Changes to Slowmotion

Our objective during our 3 months’ stay in the south of France is to do “work” on the boat. I realize many people don’t quite understand what type of work we were planning on doing, so I decided to write a post with a few of the changes we have done to Slowmotion. When I

Traveling with a Cat

What about the cat? In addition to the flat, people have asked us what we are planning on doing with Moody, our cat. We are bringing him with us, of course! Traveling with an Oriental Short Hair, a breed renowned for its strong sense of communication, can be a bit daunting (not to say down-right


Bonjour Je pense refaire un peu la deco de Slowmotion. Aujourd’hui il y a une tortue à l’avant de chaque de coque. J’ai essayé avec les moyens du bord de faire 4 prototypes de modification. Laquelle préférez vous ? Les couleurs peuvent changer en fonction de ce que je trouverais comme autocollants. Je viens de