After the Flood

It’s been raining. It’s been hot. The sun beats down on this earth as early as 9 or 10 am. In the mornings, there is no wind to ease the heat of the sun. The hot dampness of the air presses down on us. I usually spend the morning hours working or writing in the […]

Dominican Republic

We’ve been in the Dominican Republic for a little over a month. Our original plan was to stay here 2 weeks and then move on to visit the Bahamas, but plans change. Just like our month in the Canary Islands. Our month in Cape Verde. Our month in Martinique. Things happen and we end up […]

Easter Among the Catholics

Easter has always confused me because it’s not on a precise date. I was raised in the protestant church so I am aware of Palm Sunday and the resurrection, but the whole idea of lent and Wash Wednesday and Mardi Gras evade me. I had to google “lent” to write up this post. I still […]

Martinique, Guadeloupe, St-Martin

The past 2 months have flown by. In addition to traveling, we’ve had guests on board and I’ve been working on a contract. Yesterday I delivered a packet of postcards to a lady who works in a gift shop at Soper’s Hole, BVI. As there is no post box there, she offered to drop them […]

British Virgin Islands

We stayed a week in the BVIs. Our objective was, do nothing. Chillax. Enjoy life. Mission accomplished! We arrived in the morning of the 28th of March and anchored outside of Spanish Town where we could do the entrance formalities. That did not go very well. Pierrick came back swearing and infuriated about some extremely […]

Barbados, 23-29 January 2017

“Your boat is adrift! It’s in the middle of the bay! It’s adrift!” I had just bought Pierrick an ice cream and was trying to put the change back into my wallet. Zeyno frantically spoke through my mobile that I was squeezing between my shoulder and my ear. “Dominique is on your boat. He hung […]

7th Night at Sea – 4 AM Saturday morning, 3 December

We are approaching Ilho Da Sal, one of the islands of Cap Verde and where we will be announcing our entrance. All the guides say that to go to Cap Verde is to travel in Africa. Though literacy and life expectancy are much higher than in Western Africa, the islands are very poor and thievery […]