Atlantic Crossing – Night 18

13°01’539 N 59°05’411 W 5:39 UTC We are near our destination. We can’t see land because it’s nighttime, but we can see the hallow of light spread over land that indicates human life. Human cities. Electricity. We can also see the glare of the lighthouse that’s on the island’s Eastern front. By sunrise, we should […]

Atlantic Crossing – Day 17

13°05’101 N 56°22’653 W It’s 4 PM our time. We’re not too sure what time zone we’re in, but yesterday we decided to advance our watches by an hour. Pierrick, Clément and I were sitting around the cockpit table and figured it was time to change time. There was nothing scientific or astrological about it. […]

Atlantic Crossing – Day 16

12°56’673 N 53°47’820 W 9:30 UTC While writing my last post I was waiting for my bread to bake. I had made 2 loaves, white and whole-wheat – a first! I make my loaves short so that I can bake 2 at a time in the oven. While on a boat, one must be careful […]

Atlantic Crossing – Day 14

I figure an update to the alarming post I published early this morning to be fitting, especially to reassure Pauline’s aunt, whom I am coming to regard as my most loyal reader. We received feedback and advice from our friends in France early in the morning. All in all, it is not dangerous. We can […]

Atlantic Crossing – Day 13

13°20’342N 48°23’202W Pierrick and I don’t count our days at sea the same way. Whereas I count by calendar day, he counts by day completed. That means Day 13 is for me 17 January, but for him it will be as of this afternoon at the time we left Mindelo. If there’s discrepancies between his […]

The Various Ways To Eat Bananas

As brainstormed by Clément, Hugo & me*. – As a fruit – Banana bread – Banana smoothie – Crepes aux bananas – Bananes flambées – Banana oatmeal (I am the only one on this boat to eat it this way) – Banana over cereal – Banana on toast with peanut butter (another Julie-only way to […]