Wind & Yoga on the Boat

Our boat is docked at the very end of a dock at the point of which there are seasonal businesses, one for jet skiing and for diving. Both have a small wooden structure with a straight, wooden platform or two. When I first saw these I became very excited because I figured I could do yoga there. At the time, I did not consider the wind factor. This area is notorious for being subjected to the Tramontana wind. This Northern earth wind is blowing today at a mere 40 km/hr. It can go up to 100 km/hr. When this strong wind isn’t blowing, usually a sea wind is blowing instead. The sea wind is weaker but it brings in water, humidity, cold weather and rain.

As you can see, my plans of joyously practicing yoga at sunrise on an outside flat & stable platform are rather compromised. I must find a way to practice on the boat. There is space on the deck, but then I’m still outside and subjected to the wind. Inside the boat, there is no space in the hulls. The main living area is cluttered with the kitchen table. I can just about lay my yoga mat between the table and the kitchen counter. When I raise my hands to the ceiling, they touch and lay flat so handstand practice will be tricky. Pranayama and meditation won’t be an issue, but I feel I will need to be creative for my asana practice!

2016_04_StCyp-et-SlowMotion 243

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