What’s that noise?

Boats are noisy. Still, some noises are normal and others are less so. Case in point, the hissing sound coming from starboard yesterday evening was not normal. So you do as one always does in such a situation: you raise the floor boards to see if your hull is filling up with water. Luckily, our hull was not about to sink to the bottom of the port, but the water pump was ringing and it wasn’t pumping much water. While Pierrick had his head down-under, he noticed that there was a drizzle of water coming from the back of the hull, where the water heater and desalinator are located. This neither was normal. To be safe, we unearthed the water heater, effectively moving all our storage from one hull to the other.


When Pierrick removed the base of the bed, he saw three tiny holes in the hot water pipe that was spewing out boiling water. I drew a blue circle on one of the photos below to show you where the holes where.


We had auto-adhesive tape on the boat so we wound that around the pipe to cover the holes. Today we purchased a pipe end long enough to cover the holes. Pierrick basically cut that part of the pipe away and added the pipe end.

Of course, nothing is ever so simple. Once the new pipe end was in, water started leaking from the spout. Pierrick added some filler substance to it to make it watertight. And, we will need to replace the starboard water pump as it clearly doesn’t work optimally anymore.

Oh, and all this happened during dinner. We ended up eating cold.

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