The Various Ways To Eat Bananas

As brainstormed by Clément, Hugo & me*.

– As a fruit
– Banana bread
– Banana smoothie
– Crepes aux bananas
– Bananes flambées
– Banana oatmeal (I am the only one on this boat to eat it this way)
– Banana over cereal
– Banana on toast with peanut butter (another Julie-only way to eat it)
– Banana with chocolat coulis
– Banana popsicle (on a skewer, cover in chocolat and put in freezer. Our
freezer doesn’t freeze enough to try this out, so maybe a reader can & let
us know how it goes!)
– Beef in a banana sauce (as offered at our hotel in Santo Antao… we
didn’t try it…)
– Banana hotdog (this is Clément’s idea. I will hold him up to trying it!)
– Banana & red fruit crumble
– Banana-custard tartelette
– Banoffe (a British favorite that I don’t actually know how to make, but
it’ll still make this list)
– Fried banana in coco milk (another one of Clément’s inventions)
– Chicken or duck cooked in a sweet sauce of banana, orange & honey
– Dried banana chips
– Chocolat-banana fondant (Hugo’s idea… I don’t really understand it,
but he insists!)
– Banana milkshake
– Mashed bananas (with cream & honey)
– Quick banana cake (a cookie crust topped with banana & honey mush)

*Obviously, this post was written during our night shift. 😉

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