4th Night at Sea

Yesterday, tiredness caught up with me. I had been doing quite well. I did not want this crossing to be like the last one, from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands. During that first long crossing I had decided to do nothing but sail and recuperate. The boat would be everything. The process of bringing the

Sotogrande – 2-8 October 2016

We went to Sotogrande as it is the closest Spanish port to Gibraltar that has a crane that can lift our boat out of water, which we needed to do to repair the damage caused at Benalmadena. We thought we might stay on the boat during the repairs, but after a night decided to take

A Funny Week – 27 September to 4 October

“You realize that last week at this time, we were watching a flamenco show in Granada?” I asked Pierrick Tuesday night over dinner at a Belgium/Italian restaurant. We are in Sotogrande near Gibraltar and I had just returned from Paris. Sometimes, so much happens in a week that your regular concept of a week morphs

Adra – 22-23 September 2016

I am currently reading “Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through a Country’s Hidden Past”, by Giles Tremlett, a British journalist who’s made Madrid his home. I have just read the chapter on corruption. The King Juan Carlos, who was a supported of Franco, became head of state after the dictator’s death, and then he ushered in

Alicante – 13-15 September 2016

All our French friends seem to have quite a negative opinion of Alicante. “Why do you want to go there?” they all asked. And viewed from a boat sailing along the Spanish coast, I must admit it does not look special, or at least it does not look much different than all the other coastal

Travelling Down the Spanish Coast

When we left Tarragona on 11 September, our plan was to sail all the way down to Alicante, a city I absolutely wanted to visit because I had stayed there for a month studying Spanish when I was 18. This trip would take several days. I had suggested, and Pierrick agreed, to a new shift